72 Luxury Properties for Sale in Koh Samui

Browse our extensive range of koh samui luxury properties for sale, Thailand; from hillside sea-view villas for sale and luxury beachfront villas, to commercial property investments. ..Read More

Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Samui

Conrad Villas has the most extensive collection of Koh Samui Luxury Villas For Sale, carefully curated and inspected to form a hand-picked portfolio of Luxury Properties in Koh Samui.

The main Conrad Villas head office in located in Koh Samui in the main Samui Town Center, located in the centre of the island on the main road, 500 meters from Fisherman’s Village junction. The company has been in operation nearly a decade and now caters to Luxury Properties for Sale all over Thailand.

The island of Koh Samui itself is now considered a highly prestigious and exclusive place now to invest in Thailand Luxury Real Estate with many five-star hotels & resorts now available, such as: The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Sheraton, Conrad & Banyan Tree.

For clients looking to Buy Luxury Real Estate in Koh Samui the island boasts pristine white soft sandy beaches, many months of sunshine, with minimal rainfall, whehn compared to its competitor Phuket. It also is has a solid ‘cash market’ which creates a strong ‘foundation’ during times of economic recession, as there are no finance ‘bubbles’ compared to other parts of Thailand and Asia.

Conrad Villas have a broad portfolio of Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Samui; including Ultra-Luxury Beachfront Villas for Sale, Luxury Sea-view Villas for Sale Chaweng Noi, Luxury Villas for Sale in Bophut, and Luxury Villas for Sale Plai Laem & Choeng Mon.

Conrad Villas carefully curate all listed properties and work with high-end property developers and owners, to source the very best Koh Samui Luxury Real Estate, so you can rest assured that all our properties have been inspected personally by one of our qualified Luxury Real Estate Agents.

We can also connect you with a selection of professional and reliable Luxury Real Estate Lawyers on Koh Samui who can guide you carefully through the legal process to ensure your property purchase is as smooth as possible.

Koh Samui Luxury Properties for Sale

Browse our extensive range of Luxury Properties for Sale in Koh Samui, Thailand; from prime hillside Sea-view Villas for Sale and Super-Luxury Beachfront Villas, to Luxury Commercial & Resort Properties and Super-Prime Land Investments.

Our Wide Collection of Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Samui:

With the island’s increasing popularity as a top tourist destination and place for Luxury Property Investment, many foreigners are now looking to invest in Luxury Real Estate in Koh Samui.

This strong demand for Luxury Property in Koh Samui island is rapidly rising, both in terms of investment, a holiday retreat or as a permanent Luxury Residence. Conrad Villas have a wide array of different types of Luxury Villas for Sale in Thailand, which are available with various sizes, prices & features. These properties are available across the Koh Samui island in all prime locations for Luxury Property in Thailand.

Our dedicated team of Luxury Real Estate Advisors will be happy to assist and help make your property purchase experience as smooth as possible.

Koh Samui Luxury Villas for Sale

We have a wide choice of Luxury villas for Sale Koh Samui, from rom exclusive sea-view hillside villas and luxury lifestyle properties, to spectacular Ultra-Luxury Beachfront Villas for Sale in Koh Samui, with full concierge services & resort-style facilities.

All of our Luxury Properties are handpicked & meticulously inspected to suit our high-end clients tastes and preferences, and are located in some of the most sought-after locations across the island and the country.

Luxury Condos for Sale in Koh Samui

Luxury Apartments and Condominiums for Sale in Koh Samui are also available on our main property website: www.conradproperties.asia

These property types are a more affordable investment option for most buyers, and hence, the demand for Luxury Apartments for Sale in Koh Samui is high as they are easier to purchase and available with resort-style management facilities.

Most of the condos and apartments for sale are situated in close proximity to beaches and other amenities for ease of access and convenience. Some of the key investment areas for apartments and condominiums are: Chaweng, Bophut, Bangrak, Lamai, Plai Laem, Choeng Mon & Bangpor, all of which which are proving very popular with tourists and property investors alike.

Sea-view Land for Sale in Koh Samui

With the recent rapid development of the island, the requirement for Luxury Resorts and Luxury Properties in Koh Samui has increased in the last few years, hence there is a strong need for Sea-view Land Sale in Koh Samui which can be found here on our other main website: www.conradproperties.asia/search

The most popular areas for Sea-view Land for Sale are Chaweng Noi, Bophut, Plai Laem & Choeng Mon.

Beachfront Land for Sale in Koh Samui

There is also some super-prime Beachfront Land for Sale in Koh Samui, with direct access to pristine white soft sandy beaches, making the perfect paradise setting to build you Luxury Beachfront Villa in Koh Samui, or Beachfront Resort.

Feel free to Get in touch with us for a current list of different land options available in the island.

Also, if you would like to know more about Thailand Land Title and Property Taxes, then feel free to study out our Conrad Villas: Buyers Guide

Koh Samui Luxury Property for Sale

There are a wide range of styles and types of Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Samui. They can be essentially be divided into the following main categories:

Beachfront Villas for Sale in Koh Samui: - These are generally considered the most prestigious property type available, and often boast direct beach access to some pristine white sandy beaches on the island.

Whilst technically the beach cannot be owned in Thailand, and belongs to the Royal Family, many Beachfront Properties for sale & Beachfront Resorts for Sale are centered around excluded beaches with private access, making it difficult to access for the general public, and therefore protecting your privacy and security.

Koh Samui Luxury Villas  - these are a popular choice for foreigners buying property in Koh Samui. Villas are typically bigger than ‘houses’ and have more luxury amenities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and other luxury facilities.

The most popular option is a 3-4 bedroom villa type, normally sea-view or beachfront, however some of our Super-prime Mansions have from 5-10 bedroom villa types also.

Luxury Villas are increasingly the favourite choice of affluent investors, with Luxury Properties often featuring panoramic sea-views, large infinity-edge swimming pools, landscaped tropical gardens and a very high-quality of construction and premium finishing standard.

The latest trends for Luxury Villas in Koh Samui offer stylish modern architectural features, such as striking curved roofs, sweeping cantilevers, and some with ‘Loft-style’ industrial stylings. At Conrad Villas we also offer a wide selection of trusted partners that can assist you with construction, interior design, and rental management services.  

Luxury Seaview Villas for Sale  – Luxury Sea-view Villas are particularly popular for investment and have a greater supply than beachfront villas, as they are generally often more affordable, normally have greater size plots of land and often more privacy. However, to achieve the really dramatic sea-views there is often a steep road access to climb in order to get the achieve elevation necessary for panoramic sea-views.

Luxury Houses for Sale – Luxury Houses are often smaller than villas and do not have the range amenities, such as swimming pools etc.

Townhouses for Sale – Townhomes are normally semi-detached or fully attached on both sides. Often located in private residential streets or commercial roads with shops on the ground floor and the upper levels as a private house or individual apartments. You can find more Townhomes for Sale on our main partner website: www.conradproperties.asia

Condominiums for Sale – Condos are also a popular choice for foreigners investing property in Koh Samui, due to the legal system which allows 49% of the total available units within a condominium project to be sold freehold for foreigners in their personal name.

You can find more information about condominium and apartments for sale on our main website: www.conradproperties.asia/search

This means the property title deed (Chanote) can have their full name registered on it. The other fundamental difference between condominions and apartments is the basic right of ownership; as with condos the owners have to share common facilities and collective freehold of the building, which in turn has some associated monthly/yearly management fees for the communal features such as: swimming pools, gymnasiums/fitness centers, tennis courts & receptions etc.

Apartments for Sale – apartments are considered different to condominiums mainly by their legal structure. For example with apartments often there is no share of the common areas, and they are often more cheap and affordable accommodation options.

However there are also luxury apartment options, also with shared luxury amenities, whereby the ownership is often a ‘secure leasehold’ option – meaning a ‘collective share of the freehold’.

With ‘secured leasehold’ apartments there is typically a 30x30x30 year ownership, with the ‘collective freehold’ of the property being owned pro-rata by the owners. Often the main freehold Chanote deed of the project and company is owned ‘off-shore’, making it more easy and more secure for owners to control the ownership and renewal of their own respective leases.

Often in these type of projects the renewal of the property leases and protection of the ‘secured leasehold’ system is carefully managed by the project owner and their team.

Commercial Property for Sale – this mainly concerns businesses, including hotels & resorts, to independent shops, and commercial townhouses. The different zoning regulations on Koh Samui for commercial property for sale compared to residential property are also very different. These are color-coded to clearly show and define the specific ownership type and building regulations.

Another type of Commercial Property for Sale is ‘mixed-used’ commercial developments and buildings; where often the lower section of the commercial property is used as a business or shop, and the upper level(s) are often used as a residential bedrooms or as a series of apartments.

Land for Sale – there are an array of different types of Land for Sale in Koh Samui, from Prime Beachfront Land for Sale to panoramic sea-view land for sale, and flat land suitable for garden villas.

Land for Sale on Koh Samui is governed by various strict zoning laws and associated Building Regulations, which require the style, type, height, size and ratio of building built to be adhered to. It is partly due to these strict rules and regulations, when compared to other parts of Thailand like Phuket or Pattaya, that Koh Samui is able to retain its unique island charm and natural surroundings.

These different Building Regulations on Koh Samui also dictate the height the land is above sea-level, the degree of the slope, the proximity to other buildings and the ratio of built area to green-space. This also affects the size and type of property that you are able to build on the island.

For more details on this we recommend you contact a Reliable Koh Samui Real Estate Agency and qualified legal firm for informed advise relating to your specific purchase and or any construction you have planned.

How to Buy a Luxury Property in Koh Samui?

Buying a Luxury Villa in Koh Samui can be an exciting and financially rewarding experience, and create a unique and extraordinary luxury lifestyle, but without the accurate knowledge, support and advice, your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare – especially when building your own bespoke property!

Before starting your planned Luxury Property purchase in Koh Samui, it is important to do your own research. There are a lot of quantity of Real Estate Agencies and lawyers on the island, but the quality of reliable, reputable and qualified companies is much harder to find.

At Conrad Villas we maintain a strict code of ethics and hire only qualified reliable agents who have the experience, patience and diligence to be a successful property agent with our company. For more information about our company and our directors, feel free to read About Us.

While you are researching which Luxury Real Estate Agency in Koh Samui you would like to select for your property purchase, it is recommended that you already have a general understanding of the main geography of the island, including your preferred areas or areas to avoid, and the approximate requirements and budget-range of your ideal property purchase, as this can make a property shortlisting selection by the property agent more smooth and successful.

When choosing a Luxury Real Estate Agency in Koh Samui it is important to do your own due diligence and research and not necessarily be swayed soley by Google – after-all Google is not a trusted friend or a referral, and it can easily be tricked by SEO companies into ‘recommending’ unreputable agencies.

When selecting your preferred property agency, ideally try to make sure the company has excellent Google reviews, as it is often this transparency of information that can allow you to quickly ascertain you what the company’s customers really think about the company.

Also remember to carefully check if the reviews seem real or fake. (You can normally tell by the tone/length and the type of person leaving the review.)

Another important point to check is whether the Luxury Property Agency in Koh Samui has an official registration number and a Company Office. The reason this is so important is not just in terms of credibility and security, but also as it means the company is accountable and traceable!

With an unprofessional Real Estate Agency or with individual property ‘freelancers’ they can easily run-away if there is a problem, leaving you stranded sometimes in a difficult legal situation. Additionally, it is of course also ideal to have somewhere cool and air-conditioned where you can meet the property agent, away from the heat, to review plans, brochures or sign contracts.

After you have selected your ideal Koh Samui Luxury Real Estate Agent, aim to give as much relevant information to the agent as you can about what type, style, size and budget-range for the Luxury Property you are looking for.

You should ideally be working with your agent together to shortlist sometimes hundreds of options down to a final list of approximately 5-10 favorite properties for viewings. This makes it easy for yourself to compare and select the ideal property to purchase.

Whilst you are in the process of shortlisting your preferred property options for viewings, it is also recommended to start shortlisting a reputable Local Lawyer so you are prepared in advance of finding the right property, ready for a reservation.

If you do not have your own trusted local lawyer in Koh Samui but you do have a trusting relationship with a reputable Real Estate Agent, it is advised you trust their suggestions, as choosing the wrong Real Estate lawyer can sometimes be an expensive and financially costly mistake!

Also, on Koh Samui Island compared to Bangkok it is not always ‘biggest is best’ or the indeed the most reliable. Ideally you want to be choosing a legal firm with a qualified local Thai lawyer who can represent your own interests and communicate with you clearly and calmly.

(Note: foreigners in fact cannot work as lawyers in Thailand. Even if they are a qualified lawyer in their own country of residence, they can still only work in Thailand technically as ‘Legal Advisors’.)

As you begin to select your favourite Koh Samui Luxury Property, make sure you have ticked-off all the important questions as a check-list before you make a final financial commitment.

‘Is the property leasehold or freehold?’

‘Is the property large enough to support your needs?’

‘Does the property seem structurally sound and carry a warrantee if new?

‘What is the surrounding area like at all times of day?’

‘Are there any noisy restaurants nearby at nighttime?’

‘Are there any fixed management fees or any other hidden costs?

‘Is there a fixed ‘CAP’ on the management fees in terms of appreciation in cost per year?’

‘Does the property come fully furnished, part-furnished or exclude any decorative items?’

‘Is your deposit clearly covered in a legal reservation agreement?’

These are just a selection of some of the important questions that need to be discussed with your property agent or physically checked in person privately, before paying a final deposit on a property.

After you have selected your perfect property to purchase, it is also ideally recommended to sign an initial ‘Reservation Agreement’ (RA) so that both the buyer and seller can both see each other is serious and clear in their intent, and so the property can be officially ‘blocked’ (taken off-the-market) whilst your selected lawyer fulfills the necessary legal due diligence checks – normally this would be for period of 30 days, whilst the final Sales & Purchase Agreements are being drafted by both the buyer and seller’s lawyers.

The Reservation Agreement should clearly cover your deposit, ensuring that you will receive a refund in full if the property does not pass the ‘due diligence’ legal checks. However, it is normally not a ‘right of cancellation’; meaning you normally cannot normally cancel the agreement for personal reasons not connected to the property, as in this event you would often forfeit your deposit.

Once your property has been officially ‘reserved’ and ‘taken off-the-market’, this gives your own lawyer the necessary time to complete the legal checks of property title deed, the property access, company registration, associated taxes, and Thai Ltd. company (if applicable).

This also gives you the time to agree between both parties a fair and legal draft of a ‘Sales & Purchase Agreement’ (SPA), which sometimes can take a few revisions, before both the buyer and seller are satisfied.

If you planning to purchase an ‘off-plan’ property in a new development it is also advisable to have the final property plans and masterplans ‘annexed’ onto the back of your final contract, so everything is clear and there are no hidden surprises at a later stage.

It is also very important with your purchase to define the final payment plan of an ‘off-plan’ property, which should directly correlate to the various construction stages of the property. This is very important for your own security, to minimize exposure and minimize risk, and also to hold the developer accountable – essentially meaning ‘you only pay for what you receive.’

Another point to cover in your final Sales contract with your lawyer and the property seller, is what is included and what is not. Is the property ‘sold as seen’ meaning: it is sold in the same condition as inspected on the day of viewing and does it come with same furnishing and decoration included in the price?

Or are there any personal items not included in the final sales price? These points are paramount to your own security as a buyer and in order to create a smooth and fair property transaction for both sides.

Once the Sales & Purchase Agreements have been finalized, agreed and signed, the property is now ready for the final transfer of ownership. This depends on the nature of the ownership and sale, as to on whether the buyer is a Thai national or foreigner, and whether the property and/or land is owned by a Thai company or Thai individual.

For example: is the land held in a Thai Limited company and the property/building owned in a personal name? Or are both assets held inside the Thai limited company for tax reasons? These points can dramatically affect the associated taxes involved with your planned purchase, so it is essential they are discussed early on in the transaction and clearly defined in your final sales contract.

For a full list of Real Estate Taxes & Fees in Thailand you can see our dedicated property Buyer’s Guide.

Once all property taxes have been paid and the funds have been paid and registered at the land office, the property can be legally transferred to you or your company name.

At this stage often a house book of registration (Tabien Bahn) is also be applied for by your lawyer from the local municipality (Tessabaan) – this book will normally be blue colour for Thai nationals and Thai companies, and is a yellow colour for properties owned in foreigners’ personal names – for example in the case of foreign freehold condominiums.

Once all these various processes are complete and your Real Estate Agent & lawyer have checked the electricity meter registration is in your name and any other last final checks, you can celebrate being the proud owner of your own Luxury Property in Koh Samui.

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