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27 Luxury Properties for Sale in Phuket, Phuket

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Luxury Properties for Sale in Phuket

At Conrad Villas you can choose from a wide range of Luxury Properties for sale in Phuket, Thailand: from Luxury Sea-view Villas for sale on beautiful hillside locations, to Luxury Beachfront Villas for sale in Phuket on pristine private beaches.

Our Extensive Array of Luxury Properties for Sale in Phuket

Conrad Villas is an established market leader with a wide array of carefully curated and handpicked Luxury Villas for Sale in Phuket: from Super-Luxury Beachfront Villas for Sale in Cape Yamu, Luxury Properties in Laguna in gated estates, Luxury Sea-view Villas on Kamala Bay, and idyllic Luxury Beachfront Properties for Sale in Phuket on Nai Thon Beach, Layan Beach, and the charming and peaceful Bang Tao Beach.

Our experienced Luxury Property Agents in Phuket are highly reliable, professional, and possess a broad spectrum of market knowledge and pertinent information about the island, schools, amenities and finding your dream Luxury Property Investment in Phuket. Our property advisors can carefully guide you through what can often seem like a complicated process of buying a Luxury Freehold Property and Leasehold Property in Phuket, to ensure your purchasing process is as smooth as possible.

Why You Should Buy a Luxury Property in Phuket?

Over the past decade, we have seen a strong influx in buyers of Luxury Properties in Phuket, which has been mainly driven by foreign retired expatriates, business-owners and investors. This should not come as a surprise because there are a plethora of reasons why buying Luxury Real Estate in Phuket is a secure and lucrative investment.


First, despite the island’s relatively small size (543 square kilometers approximately), Phuket is famously known as one of the best resort islands in the world to live or holiday. Besides its crystal-clear Azur waters and perfect climate, this enchanting island is home to a number of idyllic diving spots, hotels, beachside restaurants, nightlife & entertainment venues, 5* golf courses, world-class shopping malls and spas.


The island is renowned for its solid and reliable infrastructure. Several decades ago, it was quite underdeveloped, but it has continued to developlk at an astonishing rate. The island now offers world-class standard of health services, including two major hospitals Sririroj International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital Phuket. These amenities, combined with well-maintained freeways, and world-class shopping centers, make the island highly attractive to retirees as well as medical tourism.


One of the attractions that makes Phuket such a desirable place to live for expiates, are the many top-level international schools, which is ideal for families with young children. These schools are open to all nationalities and generally charge reasonable fees. English language is the primary language and secondary education is also within easy reach.

There are also international schools in Phuket that use the American and British curriculum (i.e., the British Curriculum International School, which was later renamed to Dulwich International College). BCIS Phuket International School in Chalong, which opened a couple of years ago, provides two different curricula: the Cambridge program and the French program. This school also serves as boasts the first planetarium in Southern Thailand.


The people in Phuket are known for their warm and hospitable nature to global tourists and residents. They are also particularly patient, friendly and helpful to foreign nationals who often need some assistance when they are new to the island.

As Thailand is known as ‘The Land of Smiles’, the people in Phuket are also the perfect example. You can expect them to give you a sincere and genuine smile and offer their help when you need it. Another piece of interesting trivia to know is that the Thai word for fun (sanook) which is considered a fundamental element of the Thai culture, so people in Phuket (like the rest of Thailand) aim to make many activities 'sanook'.


The island features unique and delicious international and local cuisine that both locals and foreigners enjoy. There are also a number of popular local seafood dishes available in restaurants and other dining options across the island.

Phuket is also known as a major supplier of some of the world's most tasty cashew nuts, so many of the local restaurants on the island also serve gai med ma moung, a stir-fried chicken dish served with cashew nuts, sweet soy sauce, garlic, honey and dried chilis.

As Phuket is located in the southern part of Thailand on the Andaman Ocean, the food on the island often features more coconut milk than other Northern parts of the country. Carefully selected spices like turmeric, cloves, cumin, and aniseed are also popular, and the curries on the island are often richer and creamier than other parts of Thailand. As many of the locals have Chinese roots, the unique cuisine also features a strong Chinese influence, with a lot of sweet & sour stir-fried dishes available.

Some other must-haves include the famous tom yum goong (which is also the national curry of Thailand), pad thai, kuay tiew (noodle soup), som tam (spicy raw papaya salad), tom kha gai (chicken in coconut soup), and geng kheaw wan gai (green curry chicken)


It is well-known that living in Phuket is far more affordable when compared to other places, other islands in Thailand, and compared to the rest of the world. An interesting article named “Paradise Found: Where to Retire Abroad” was published by the famous Fortune magazine and it named the island as one of the top five places where people can retire, "where you can still live like a king on your savings". It is certainly possible to ‘covert your nest-egg’ to a much bigger if you are thinking of moving to this island.


Phuket also features one of the most rapidly developing Luxury Property Markets in the world, with many international Luxury Real Estate developers constructing high-end projects across the island. Noticeably the Luxury condominiums have grown steadily and become a popular choice amongst foreign buyers and investors in recent years.

With the rapid pace of Luxury Villa developments taking place around the island, the Thai government took action to guarantee sustainability in Phuket, by implementing strict laws and building regulations, and set height restrictions for new Luxury Real Estate projects, in order to safeguard and protect the natural environment on the island.

Luxury Property Investors should take note that the average cost of purchasing properties in Phuket is considerably lower when compared to other popular locations. For example, it is 16.72% lower compared to the capital city of Bangkok, 25.28% lower compared to Liverpool in England, 32.98% lower compared to Adelaide in Australia, and an astonishing 53.90% lower compared to New York in the USA.

Also, another noticeable feature with Luxury Real Estate Development in Phuket is the unique and extraordinary architectural designs. You can purchase a Luxury Villa for Sale in Phuket with a dramatic curved or angled roof, sweeping cantilevered balconies, lush landscaped tropical gardens and breathtaking panoramic ocean-views.

As the island’s development is still relatively recent when compared with markets such as London for example, there are a wide array of innovative contemporary design styles, as new creative developers seek to out compete each other with different unique design-styles for Buying Luxury Villas in Phuket. 

It is certainly possible to own an Ultra-Luxury Villa in Phuket with an outstanding style and luxury amenities, for a fraction of the cost of a Luxury Villa in the West. This is also one of the main attractions of Investing in Luxury Real Estate in Phuket.

How to Buy Your First Luxury Property in Phuket

If you are thinking of moving or retiring with your family to the paradise island of Phuket, or investing in Luxury Villa in Phuket with high rental-return potential on the island, and you feel ready to search for your first Luxury Real Estate Property in Phuket, then here is a guide on how you should go about it:

First and foremost, you should know that the Land Code of Thailand does not allow foreigners to own real estate/land in Thailand directly in their own personal names. However, even so, many foreign nationals can buy a house, Luxury villa, or any other Luxury Real Estate in Thailand’s largest island through one of these two main options:

Option #1 – Using a long-term contract with leasehold

The first main option for a foreigner to Buy Luxury Property in Thailand, is via a long-term lease contract that spans a total maximum single tenure of 30 years, however this contract may be renewed or extended by up to two times. During this period, you will be considered the rightful owner of the freehold of the property/land, and with this option a foreigner can own a property for up to 90 years in total.

However, it is important to note that a foreigner owner cannot assert ownership of his or her property after the contract period elapses. The reason for this is that the material asset will be taken out from the estate.

Option #2 – Through a Thai company with limited liability

If you’re a foreign national who’s has more financial capability, the second main alternative for you to purchase your first Luxury Property in Phuket. You may use a freehold to Buy a Luxury Villa in Phuket or anywhere in Thailand.

In order to do so you must first have your Thai accountant/lawyer create a limited liability company in Thailand. This can then be considered the ‘owner’ of freehold land that is filed under the company’s name. One of the company’s owners or investors can hold up to 49 percent of the company, and two or more foreign shareholders are permitted to own the largest single majority shares. The foreign national can also be registered as the company’s Managing Director, thus possessing absolute power over voting control and other shares, together with complete authority over the acquired real estate property.

Search below for your upcoming Luxury Property in Phuket, Thailand!

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