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Our extensive experience with Luxury Properties allows us to help clients find their dream homes; from Sea-view Villas and Beachfront Villas, to Premium Gated Estates & Exclusive, Developments, and Super-Luxury Homes for Sale across the region in Asia. We represent some of the most sought-after Ultra-Luxury Properties for Sale in Thailand and Asia; including such destinations as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Phuket & Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Bali. ..Read More

Luxury Property for Sale in Thailand with Conrad Villas:

At ConradVillas.com we pride ourselves on choosing and curating only the very best most exclusive, extraordinary Luxury Properties for Sale in Thailand, across the main key investment areas in the kingdom. We specialize in Thailand Luxury Villas for Sale, and dedicate ourselves to selection only the very best Ultra-Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Thailand, across these key areas.

Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Samui

We offer spectacular Luxury Villas for Sale in Koh Samui, which is our specialized market; including super-luxury Beachfront Villas for sale, to premium Luxury Sea-view Villas for Sale and super-prime Land Investments for Sale. This idyllic island is situated safely in the southern gulf of Thailand and is growing popular tourist hotspot. We offer exclusive luxury villas for sale in Chaweng Noi, Plai Laem, Choeng Mon, Bophut, Bangrak, Maeanam, Bangpor, Lipa Noi, Laem Noi, Talingnam and Lamai, including most of the main areas for Luxury Property Investment in Koh Samui.


Luxury Property for Sale in Phuket

We also offer a wide range of Luxury Villas for Sale in Phuket; including super-prime Luxury Properties for Sale in Phuket, Beachfront mansions, and prime sea-view residences, boasting sensational ultra-luxury residences across the island. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand as is situated on the Southern West coast of Phuket, with a different seasonal climate with monsoons coming across from the Indian ocean. The main areas for Luxury Property for Sale in Phuket include, Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Surin, Nai Harn, Chalong, Rawai & Laguna, and also the extremely exclusive Cape Yamu, which boasts some exceptional super-prime Oceanfront Properties for Sale.


Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Phangan

In addition, we also include Luxury Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan, however this is still a growing market, and there are not so many Luxury Properties for Sale in Koh Phangan, when compared to Koh Samui & Phuket islands, due to Koh Phangan being less developed and the absence of an International Airport. This tiny island is the ‘little brother island’ of Koh Samui and is famous for the full-moon parties and pristine beaches, with popular bohemian travelers, flocking to its array of yoga retreats, detox centers, vegan restaurants and abundant natural beauty. The main areas for Luxury Property Investment in Koh Phangan, include: Haad Rin, Thong Sala, Hin Kong, Sri Thanu, Haad Yao, Haad Salad, Mae Haad, Chalok Lam & Ban Tai.


Luxury Property for Sale in Bangkok

We also include the major areas on the mainland for Thailand Luxury Real Estate for Sale. This includes the capital city of Bangkok, where the predominant Villas for Sale in Bangkok are Luxury Properties. There is also a flourishing Super-Luxury Condominium market in Bangkok; however, at ConradVillas.com we have chosen to primarily focus on Luxury Villas for Sale in Bangkok in the main investment areas. These areas include: Siam Square, Sathorn, Silom, Chidlom, Thong Lor, Ekkamai, Prom Pong, Asok, Rama 9 and Petchaburi, which include some of the popular location choices for Luxury Property Investment in Bangkok.

Luxury Property for Sale in Hua Hin

Recently we have also expanded our market to include Luxury Properties for Sale in Hua Hin. This charming beachside town is located in the middle of Thailand, only 2-3 hours’ drive from Bangkok and is increasingly popular with tourists, local Thai nationals and Luxury Property Investment in Hua Hin. We offering some outstanding hand-picked Beachfront Properties for Sale in Hua Hin and also some super-prime sea-view Luxury Villas for Sale in Hua Hin in most of the major areas.


Luxury Property for Sale in Chiang Mai

As part of the brand expansion, we have also chosen to move into the Luxury Real Estate in Chiang Mai. Although this is still early stages for the company, we will be adding more Luxury Villas for Sale in Chiang Mai in the coming months. This historic old city in the North of Thailand is famous for its more temperate climate, agriculture and historical artifacts, with the main old city being surrounded by an ancient wall, that was used to defend the city during the old war-times. Our growing portfolio of Luxury Properties for Sale in Chiang Mai, includes traditional tropical Thai-style mansions for sale, and also ultra-modern Luxury Villas in the center of Chiang Mai.


Luxury Property for Sale in Pattaya

The next major area for Luxury Property Investment in Thailand is Chon Buri, including the popular beachside town of Pattaya, which is famous for its eclectic entertainment areas, 5-star golf courses and luxury tropical retreats. Currently we are not offering Luxury Properties for Sale in Chonburi or Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Pattaya yet, but we plan to expand into this market during the course of next year.


Luxury Property Types:

There are various types of Luxury Properties available to own for investors in Thailand. These can be divided into the following main categories:


Villa or House

A ‘house’ is a structure serving as a place of living for human beings; whereas a ‘’villa is a house, often larger and more expensive than average, in the countryside or on the coast, often used as a retreat.


Apartment or Condominium:

Both condominium and apartment types look similar, but the important feature that makes them both different is the way law treats them.

The size, architecture, aesthetics, location are in fact all similar in both of these types of homes and also developers do not build them as if they are creating a particular type of home.

A condominium unit is in normally in a high-rise complex where the owners of the respective units have complete ownership right over their units. The condo owners also have an equivalent share in the common areas of the complex. This is the important distinction.

The condominium owners also own a share in the facilities provided in the condominium complex, which often includes the elevators, swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna & spa and many other similar types of amenities available in the complex.

Since the owner of a condominium has full ownership rights of his/her unit in a condominium setup they can do any changes within his unit if required. However, a condo owner has to contribute towards the communal maintenance expenses of the common areas.

In a condominium setup a group of condo owners will form a home owners association and will be the sole in charge of enforcing the building rules and regulations. They are also in charge of collecting the maintenance fees annually. This is through the creation of a juristic body of members.


A duplex house layout has two living units attached to one another, with each house sitting next to each other as townhouses, condominiums or above each other like apartments.

A duplex typically features a house-like floor plan for a more affordable sales price than a single-family home. It’s also considered an upgrade from a typical apartment or condo, with added amenities like semi-private outdoor space.  


A triplex is a building with three separate living units and by extension a fourplex or a quadplex has a total of four separate living units. As long as the homes are joined a common wall and roof structure and it does not have five or more units, the property likely qualifies as type of “-plex” configuration.

How to Buy Luxury Property in Thailand:

Buying Luxury Properties in Thailand can be an extremely emotional and financing rewarding experience, allowing you to afford a luxury lifestyle incomparable in terms of affordability, value for money and quality. However without choosing the correct Luxury Property Agency in Thailand, and without comprehensive due diligence and correct understanding, it can also be a minefield of problems and pitfalls.

To help you navigate the sometimes complex seeming world of Luxury Real Estate ownership in Thailand, we have compiled and complete list of important points to consider before your purchase.

Types of Property and Land Title Deeds:

There are various types various land title deeds in Thailand.

As a foreigner wishing to Buy Land in Thailand, you should only consider land that comes with a ChanoteNor Sor 3 or Nor Sor 3 Gor deep of ownership. These are colour coded and considered in terms of level of importance and priority with Chanote being the most saught after title deed.


Chanote Land Title:

Chanote land title deed are coloured with a red ‘garuda’ (mythical dragon-like creature) at the top of the document and are officially called Nor Sor 4 Jor or more commonly ‘Cha-note.

This certificate of ownership of land can be used as evidence confirming the right to government authorities, which has had GPS to accurately survey and plot the boundaries of the land.

Nor Sor 3 Land Title:

The Nor Sor 3 is a land title document certifying the use of land issued to the proprietor of the land but is not a possessory title. This means the person holding the Nor Sor 3 has the legal right to possess the land in question and can use it as a legal document. It does however carry the same building rights as Chanote.

Nor Sor 3 has a green ‘Garuda’ and is a floating land plot map with no parcel points and issued for a specific plot of land and not connected to other land plots, but its boundaries are recorded in relation to neighbouring plots. Therefore it may cause problems in verifying the boundaries due to lack of an accurate survey. A change in ownership of the this type of land must be publicised for 30 days before it can be registered.

Nor Sor 3 Gor Land Title:

The Nor Sor 3 Gor land title deed also has a green ‘Garuda’ and has the same legal basis as the Nor Sor 3, however it does have parcel points on the map of the land area set by using an aerial survey, and has been more accurately surveyed, as each plot is cross-referenced to a master survey of the land.

Therefore, it is possible to verify the boundaries of the land. However, it is still less accurately surveyed compared to a Chanote. It also carries the same residential building rights as Chanote.

Sor Kor 1 Land Title:

The Sor Kor 1 land title is a notification form of possessed land, which signifies the existing rights to the land. After has been proven that such a proprietor had possessed and used the benefit of the land legally, the government can then issue a higher grade of land title such as ‘Nor Sor 3′ or ‘Nor Sor 3 Gor’.

Por Tor Bor 5 Land: 

Por Tor Bor 5 provides no evidence of a valid claim to ownership, but it can be used to prove possession against private parties, and often the actual owner of the land is the government or the army. Any sale or private residential building on this type of land is strictly prohibited.

Condominium Title:

A condominium title is a title deed to a part of a building or buildings with multiple owners. It is in fact a ‘fractional interest in the land’ of the building itself, and other common assets (such as a communal swimming pool) and common parts of the building (such as the communal stairwell or lobby etc.)

The condominium title deed will state the floor area of the private apartment, the ground area of the common land and the percentage interest, in which that apartment has in the common property. This percentage also represents the voting interest in the condominium company or owners association.

This is typically the only type of title deed which can be bought and sold with a foreigners’ personal name listed as the owner of the document and title. In addition, only 49% of available condominiums within a building that can be sold to foreigners and the 51% remaining must be sold to Thai nationals.

Building Transfers:

Any buildings other than condominium buildings do not have any form of title deed document, but their sale or long lease can be registered at the District Land Office. Proof of ownership of such buildings must be established either with proof of construction or a document showing the sale and purchase of the property.

Foreigners may own a building distinct from its land and register such transfer of ownership into their names at the Local District Office or Amphoe.

Types of Property Ownership in Thailand:

Property Ownership in Thailand can be broadly divided into two distinct categories: freehold ownership and leasehold ownership. Freehold in essence meaning the ownership is ‘forever’ and leasehold meaning the ownership is ‘finite’ and defined in tenure by the specific length of the lease.

Regarding land ownership, only Thai citizens are in fact allowed to own land freehold in their own personal names.  A house or structure can indeed be owned by a foreigner, but not the land. 

Foreigners have two options to choose from for land Property Ownership in Thailand: leasehold via a legally recognized registered lease agreement at the land office. Or freehold via a Thai company holding the land as a registered asset. This latter type of option is commonly used by many foreign property investors, but must be carefully set-up and incorporated by a reliable and reputable local lawyer.

How To Own A Luxury Property in Thailand:

The most common option used to Own Luxury Real Estate in Thailand is to set up your own Thai Limited Company to own the land on your behalf. Another option available is to enter into a long-term leasehold agreement with the Thai Landowner. It is a commonly unknown fact that although a foreigner cannot own land in Thailand, he can own the house or structure built thereon.

Therefore, one of the most trusted ways to control the asset for foreign investors is to be a controlling director of the company that owns the land, and to have the building registered in their personal name. This provides an extra lawyer of security for foreign investors; however, it does of course mean that in the transfer of ownership of the building to a new buyer, there will of course be taxes needed to paid.

Another uncommonly known fact with Thailand Property Ownership is that often with high-end real estate transfers Thai investors will also use Thai companies to transfer the shares and ownership to another Thai investor – this is often to limit the amount of taxes due to the transfer.

Creating and incorporating a Limited Thai company is a relatively easy process for a reliable qualified Thai lawyer to do. It is also worth noting that a foreigner cannot be considered an official lawyer, and as such can only act as a ‘legal advisor’ to a buyer during a purchase.

How To Set Up a Thai Limited Company as a Foreinger:

A Thai Limited Company is the most common type of all Thai companies. No matter whether you want to run a resort, restaurant, bar, hotel, beauty salon, coffee shop, massage shop, motorbike rental service, online business or most other types of business – you will need to set up a Thai Limited Company.


Ownership Requirements for a Thai Limited Company

In order to be a legal Thai Limited Company have to be at least 3 shareholders and at least 51% of the shares must be owned by a Thai legal entity (person or company).

There are only 3 exceptions to this law:

·   Companies set up by foreigners holding US citizenship using the Amity Treaty

·   Companies set up under the support of the Board of Investment (BOI)

·   Companies that only export products or services

A Sole Proprietorship company type is only available for Thai citizens as with this company type it is not allowed to issue work permits to foreigners.

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